The agenda has been posted on our forum; Club Management Meeting Agenda. There are a number of items for discussion, a chance to be a part of steering the future direction of the club, and arrangements for a very special birthday! As always, all members are welcome, and we look forward to seeing you there.


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The calling notice for the next CMM, Moday 26th March, is now available on our forum under the Club Management Meeting Topics channel.


If you would like to receive email updates relating to club management meetings please subscribe to the Club Management Meeting Topics channel.


The Extraordinary General Meeting held on the 23rd February was called to elect a number of club officers to fill the vacant positions.


You can now read the meeting minutes online (members only - login required).

FRIDAY 23rdFebruary 2018
The initial stages of the meeting will be chaired by the General Secretary Dennis Dale. When a new Club Chairman is elected he/she will invited to take the rest of the meeting. Postal/email voting is not allowed for the election of the new Chairman but is allowed for the other positions. If a vote is not carried fresh nominations will be invited from the floor.
Unfinished Business from the AGM
AOB – New trophy required
Dates of 2018 meetings and 2019 AGM
Election of Officers to Vacant Positions
1. Club Chairman
Nominated: Jonathan Cox.
Proposed by Trevor Parrish Seconded by Murray Kirton
2. Membership Secretary
Nominated: Tim Howell.
Proposed by Elspeth Howell Seconded by Tessa Cox
3. Clubroom Bookings Secretary
Nominated: Beryl Kirton.
Proposed by Murray Kirton Seconded by Maggie Parish
4. Press Secretary
Nominated: Francis Rodriquez
Proposed by Dennis Dale Seconded by Craig Hamilton
5. If Jonathan Cox is elected as Chairman a new Runs Secretary will be required.
Nominated: Craig Hamilton
Proposed by Dennis Dale Seconded by Val Bridges
Any Other Business

There won’t be any roller training on the 14th/21st February. Sessions will resume on the 28th February through to the 21st March, with the club time trials starting on the 28th March. 



Notice is hereby given that an EGM will take place as follows:
Date of meeting: Friday 23 rd February 2018
Start Time: 7.30 pm
Location: Club Rooms
This meeting is called because following the events at this year’s AGM more than ten members have requested the General Secretary to hold an EGM in order to fill vacant club officer positions
The vacant positions are:
- Club Chairman
- Membership Secretary
- Clubroom Bookings Secretary
- Press Secretary
Members of the club wishing to nominate candidates are requested to send names to the secretary by post or email no later than;
12 th February 2018
Supply the names of proposer and seconder one of whom should attend
the meeting. The nominee must have given their permission.
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Postal address on request from club officials
An agenda will be issued on the 13 th February.
Following a discussion the Secretary and the Treasurer decided that due its importance, for the post of Chairman, email and postal votes will not be allowed (new rule 12(i)b see the AGM agenda). For the other positions email and postal votes will be allowed. To take decisions the minimum number of members attending is seven (old rule number 12i).
Dennis Dale
General Secretary and Acting Chairman


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