Murray takes gold again, age group 75-80yrs , 1ST Murray KIRTON time 0 -39-37 gold medal,2nd.Mick Ives  M.I  racing

Time 0-42-15  silver medal. Mick Ives is one of my tandem partners, I managed to beat him by  0-2-38 minutes

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Dave Gill

Results from tonights Silverstone 5 mile TT.

A nice still evening for some good PBs.

Results now have 'road bike' noted next to those on standard bikes with no fancy TT setup. Apologies if I missed anyone. Road bike rules are also added to the FAQs. Riders can note 'road-bike' on the sign on sheets at future events.


Next week it's Greens Norton for 10 miles. Same time, sign on before 6.30, first off at 6.45.


Calendar, course info, results


Hi, a5 members. Just back from Tenerife, stayed on the costa H10 Adeje palace hotel.great place  to stay ,3 outdoor swimming pools, and Jacuzzi, great food, ihired a bike from bike4youtenerife.Delivered to the hotel ,very good service.If you are into hills,this is the place to go.20minute climb at the start of every ride to get to the coast road.Then its up and down all of the time, no flat roads. My longest climb was 10k rising to 700metres. 30 minutes up 10 minutes down,through banana plantations .If you are serious riders this is the place to go ,what a great holiday,almost certain to be going back. Not this year though.!

A5 Rangers CC take Gold, Dave Stockley and Murry Kirton, rode tandem on the 8th of April 2017, on a course in Cheshire, in a time of 0:25:17 with a plus on standard of +0.3.53 to take the gold medal for the tandem event


On Sunday 9th April 2017, Murray rode a VTTA/LVRC sporting circuit TT in the Malverns distance of 16miles. In a time of 46:33, to take first place in age group H75-80yrs old



This weeks evening TT is a repeat of last week.... 5miles on the Silverstone course.

Read more: Wednesday TT... Same again


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