Do you have a special cycling event coming up? Do you want to improve your general performances next season? The club has organised a talk at the clubrooms on Friday 3rd November from 7.30 to 8.30pm by Kath Akoslovski.


Kath qualified as a British Cycling Coach in 2003, and is now a British Cycling Level 3 Coach (Road and Time Trialling) and Level 3 Track Coach. She is also a qualified Therapist and works with riders to improve mental ability and focus. Kath has coached many riders, from novices to amateur world championship riders. She started club cycling at 16, mainly long distance touring then started racing seriously when she was 26. Her main disciplines were Time Trials (all distances) and she has won open events at 10 miles and 24hrs. Kath also holds a number of Regional and National RRA records (Road Records Association) from 25 to 100 miles+. She has also competed in road races and track events. She enjoys Mountain Biking and other events to challenge her physically and mentally.


Kath’s talk will be fairly general and include coaching points but will be suitable for everyone those that race, those that don’t, sportive riders, training for a holiday etc. She likes to make talks interesting, engage the audience and aim that everyone will learn something. The initial talk will be 30-40 min with time for questions afterwards.


If this has aroused your interest do come along and bring a friend, everyone is welcome and light refreshments will be available afterwards.

Each year a trophy is awarded to the A5 rider who has produced the best performance or set of performances, from the year, in road or circuit races e.g. the MK bowl.


If you think you are in the frame please send, or phone, me the details so they can be considered. Don’t be shy.


Duncan White
78 Euston Road
Far Cotton

Some of the freewheel veterans were shocked by the momentous ride by Alan Hogg on Saturday as he pipped Lee Williams to claim the coveted trophy. Some experienced riders were heading home to the wind tunnels and drawing boards scratching their heads after, but all enjoyed this regular season-closer.


Thank you to all who participated in the club freewheel last Saturday and particularly John for leading the B Club-run to Farthingstone.


The Callaghan Cup is awarded on a points basis to the most improved time-triallist over the season.A rider gains one point for every second they improve at the distances of 5,10,15,25,30 and 50 miles.To qualify you need to phone to me ,or post to me ,your times as follows:

1/  Your fastest time at each distance in last year’s races or,if you didn’t ride a particular distance last year,your first time of this year’s season.

2/  Your fastest time at each distance during this season.

Please let me have the details of the event,date and your time.Open events and our club events only count,but you must tell me these details to qualify.I won’t come chasing you for them ! Closing date for the Competition is October 31st.Duncan White 78 Euston Road ,Far Cotton,Northampton NN4 8DU  01604 700113





If you have ridden 25,50 and 100 mile time trials this season,you qualify for the F.J. Snelson Shield which is awarded to the club’s senior best all rounder.Only open events or our own club events count.Please let me have the details at each distance before 31st October.As with the Callaghan Cup ,you must send me the details,I won’t chase you for them.Duncan White.





Junior BAR –If you have ridden 2 x 10 and 2 x 25 mile time trials this season ,then you qualify for the Club’s junior best all rounder competition.A rider is a Junior until 31st December of the year of their 18th birthday.Only open events or our own events count.

Juvenile BAR –If you have ridden 2 x 5 and 2 x 10 mile time trials this season before your 16th birthday you qualify for the club’s juvenile best all rounder competition.Only open events or our own club events count.A Juvenile rider can compete for Junior trophies,


Please let me have details of your best times at each distance before 31st October.As with the Callaghan Cup ,you must send me the details.I won’t chase you for them. 


Duncan White.


The date fixing meeting to finalise the 2018 club TTs will be on Friday 20 October 2017, 7.30pm at the clubrooms.


A provisional calendar is included below. Any suggestions or comments can be raised at the meeting or let me know beforehand.



5 miles pts 10 miles pts 25 miles pts
Lee Williams 16 Alex Brawn 17 Alex Brawn 14
Kyle Kirton 11 ½ Murray Kirton 12 Murray Kirton 5
Sophie Cox 10 ½ Jack Pinchin 12 Jack Pinchin 5
Mattdew Elliot 10 Graham Martin 11 Rob Griffin 4
Jack Pinchin 9 Kyle Kirton 9    



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