After many telephone conversations and lots of e mails the club has been selected for a slot in the Cycling Weekly “Ride With” section.


There wasn’t a lot of choice for dates so we went for 23 July to give us the best opportunity for decent weather but also that would give us the greatest chance of ensuring the new design club kit delivered.


The main purpose is awareness and to give people an indication or a feeling of what the club is about and what benefits we can provide for both seasoned cyclists, people wanting to ride in a group and obviously people simply wanting to take up cycling. It goes without saying the larger the number of A5 Rangers members that turn up on the day the greater the impact for anybody reading the article.


If we all look resplendent in our new kit with beaming smiles for the camera I’m certain it will be a day to remember and be of benefit to the club and local cyclists.


Jonathan Cox is busy looking at routes and cafes, hopefully with all the rides converging at one location. It may make sense to convene at the Club House for the café stop in order to promote one of our greatest assets.


This is obviously work in progress but we will keep everybody posted.


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