Ride Concept
There were two group rides made available for this club Century; an Easy Paced ride led by Julian Gardner open to all abilities at the club going at the pace of the slowest rider. 
The Faster Ride led by myself, Francis Rodriguez aimed at delivering an average speed of between 16 to 17mph over the 107 mile distance.


14 Club members joined this Century Ride and together we all had an amazing day out.

The Easy Paced ride set off 10 minutes before my Faster ride although both groups met at the first Cafe stop for breakfast called "Green Dragon Farm, Claydon Road near Hogshaw"  http://greendragonecofarm.co.uk

This breakfast stop is fabulous; it is secluded and totally safe for the bikes as it’s located away from the road out of sight and you are able to park the bikes unlocked in clear view whilst enjoying the quiet countryside and a healthy breakfast.

After our 30 minute stop, the two groups headed off towards Waterperry. The Faster Ride gained a lot of time over the Easy Paced riders as we set off at quite a rapid pace.
Unfortunately one of our group punctured and we were stuck on the roadside for 15 to 20 minutes whilst repairs were effected.

In the meantime the Easy Paced group rode past us cheering as they thought they were going to get to lunch first. Not quite right because we left, caught them and we made a detour to climb Muswell Hill at Brill. This extra hill climb was always going to be an option for us and of course it couldn’t be left out. This meant we were behind the Easy Paced Ride once more, so once the climbing was over,we set off again at our very brisk pace led by Ian Ellis who maintained the pace to get us to the lunch stop first!

Lunch was at Waterperry Gardens, Near Wheatley and another great find by Julian. We weren’t there for long when the Easy Paced riders arrived so we arranged the tables for everyone to sit together http://www.waterperrygardens.co.uk/pages/Teashop.html

The final stop was “The Milk Shed” located at Manor Farm, Weston on The Green http://www.themilkshedstore.co.uk/what-we-do/
Sadly our Fast Group rode so quickly through Weston on The Green we missed the stop! Instead we ended up at The Fox in Souldern and settled for Häagen-Dazs and Cider!
The Fast Group maintained an average of 16.5mph whilst the Easy Paced Ride were 13.5mph so both rides met their objectives and on a fabulous sunny day this was a very memorable club Century Ride. So much so that we ran this ride again on Thursday 9th July only this time we found the ice-cream stop!
Photos of the event can be seen in the gallery


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