A5 Rangers Runs Sec Report - CMM 14/08/15


Club Run Points

The Club Runs Points are up to date and I can report that Craig Hamilton is ahead of the competition so if you want a chance to win a trophy, please participate in more weekend club rides!


Ride Leaders

I am going to tackle the Ride Leading subject through the club web site and not the CMM because I need to involve the entire membership. If you have any ideas or concerns, please speak to me directly, thank you.


Club Runs 2015 

There are 4 regular rides every Saturday.

A-Ride         Leisure Ride for beginners with a Café stop

B-Ride         Leisure Ride going a little further & slightly faster, with a Café stop

C-Ride         Fast Ride with a Café stop, currently achieving 17.5+ mph for 50+ miles

D-Ride         The Faster Ride currently achieving averages of 20+ mph for 50+ miles


When we get a leader for the B+ Ride, this Ad-Hock option becomes available and sits perfectly between the B and C Ride options to give the club a 15+ mph intermediate ride.


Thank you so much to all who have led and continue to lead the rides we love at the weekend. As the membership grows so must our ride options to accommodate the different needs of those wanting to join the A5 Rangers.


A special thanks to Craig Hamilton for the Thursday rides which have been very popular. Thursday rides’ attracted about 10 riders of different abilities almost every week!

The last Thursday Ride is this week on 13th August and the weather is set to be favourable, so please continue to support this ride just before 7pm this Thursday.


Club Century Rides

Next year I want to introduce 3 Century Ride Options once a month to the diary.

100-B, at the pace of the slowest rider, aiming at 13 to 14mph average

100-C, at 16+ mph average

100-D, at 17+ mph average


This year we have managed 2 Century Ride Groups every month since 3rd May.

Largely speaking this is thanks to Julian & Craig who led the Easy Paced versions

We have the last one on the 22nd August and no one to lead an Easy Paced Group.


The route will be the Grafham Water 100 Miler designed by The Auditor himself and in 2012 when we did this last, the average was 16.5mph so it could be faster this year!

As Martin is not available, I will lead the Faster Ride option but I need a volunteer to lead an Easy Paced ride. This is 4,000 feet of climbing over 100 miles, so it isn’t very hilly.


Report presented by

Francis Rodriguez

A5R Runs Sec

The terms of reference for the Club Kit Working Group 2015 is now on the website under the CMM officers reports





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